Why you should use this website

The website gives users an alternative to save the expenses of paying for a live memorial service held in a facility, should they choose to save.

When surviving family members of the deceased are grieving with the feeling of loss and despair, yet, they still have to deal with funeral and memorial arrangements, majority of families are not well informed nor prepared for the amount of money it will cost them. They would not have sufficient time to search out for the best, cost effective way to make arrangements. Most would make a decision that cost more than what they would rather pay.

At current market, the average price of funeral and memorial arrangements including coffin, flowers, facility, etc. is no less than $8,000.00 and it is increasing.

We are offering another way to memorialize a passing loved one by using this virtual memorial ceremony. Users as hosts can share the memorial with families and friends who are unable to attend the live memorial due to social distancing or global distance such as those who live in different countries. Each member of family and friends can view and participate in the memorial at a designated time and date together or each can participate at his own convenient time.

The website provides a way for a person to create his/her own obituary, to ‘know before you go’, when reading comments, condolences posting by family and friends, which, add to a sense of closure.  All one needs to do in order to create one’s own obituary is to leave the passing date blank, to be filled in by a surviving family member.  One could write one’s own autobiography , choose own pictures and/or videos, then post all on the obituary, as well as choosing or replacing own ceremony videos.

There is a 10% commission to those who refer users who pay for their usage of the website.


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About The Ceremony

The website can be used as an alternative to, or, as a supplement to a real live memorial at a facility.

As presenting on this website, the existing uploaded/linked ceremonial videos are neutral to all religions. The existing videos can be replaced or collaborated with a religious one , if so choose. One ceremony video has sounds of Bhuddist monks Chanting Apitum, conveying the teaching of Bhudha on the impermanent of life, on how to achieve happiness in this life and beyond. There are videos recording of eulogy by a female and by a male voices which can be chosen to use as applicable to the deceased. The last video is an oration on the philosophy of death.

Sample Ceremony Video - Monks Chanting

Sample Ceremony Video - Male Orator

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